Okra Universal Magnetic Vent Car Mount For All Smarthphones And Gps Devices

$24.99 $49.99

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Are you sick of fumbling and looking around for a safe place to keep your phone while driving and preventing it from scratches with car bumps? The easy solution is Okra’s magnetic vent car mount. This car mount is a reliable and efficient way to safeguard your device while driving and also be able to quickly access it on the road without having to risk a car accident.

The Okra magnetic car mount is designed in a way that makes is compact and easy to use for any phone. The car mount attaches to any AC/fan vent on cars securely and has a strong magnetic grip to quickly hold any phone. Whether your car lurches or hits a bump, your phone will not only remain in place but also be prevented from any scratches and damages, thanks to the high quality rubber grip on the surface of the magnetic plate. The car mount is also great for quick and easy access to your device, such as maps, quickly reading texts, dismissing or taking calls, etc. The magnetic car mount is universal and works with all smartphones and GPS devices.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and three extra magnetic plates
  • Works with all smartphones and GPS devices, can hold devices encased in covers and cases too
  • Prevents devices from scratches and falls
  • Provides easy accessibility to mounted device
  • Rubber grip on magnetic surface offers extra protection
  • Easy to mount and release

The Okra magnetic vent car mount easily attaches to the AC/fan vent and is designed to fit vents perfectly for secure holding of devices. Placing your device is just as easy – no fumbles and making sure it is sitting correctly, the strong magnet attracts and holds the device in place. Removal of the device and magnetic car mount are just as easy and replacing metal plates is also a simple.

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