About Us

Okra Products: About Us page

Okra Products is a company from New York dedicated to offering our customers the best available smartphone accessories in the market. We know what a big deal smartphones have become in today’s world, but having the right accessories to manage these smartphones has also become a priority. Smartphone accessories help you remain organized – phone cases can help protect your phone, extra chargers and cables are always a need, and car and bike mounts can help safe keep your phone while riding or driving. Other accessories also provide some use or the other, however, we believe people should not spending too much just to buy accessories for an already expensive phone, which is why Okra Products brings to you the best, high quality smart phone products, at wonderful prices.

The products we sell here at Okra Products are those such as chargers, Bluetooth accessories, phone cases, car mounts, transmitters, cable wires, etc. However, while many diverse products are available here, our chief category is that of car accessories for smartphones such as all kinds of cell phone mounts, (windshield, headrest, or dashboard mounts), FM transmitters, Bluetooth transmitters and receivers, power jumper cables, auxiliaries, etc.

All the products can be specifically studied before purchase thanks to the all angle pictures provided for the said product as well as the detailed description and specification for it. We want to make sure our customers are able to “look at” products like they would if they checked it out in their own hands. We also provide the option of a lifetime warranty so you can make sure you get the best deal for your price’s worth.

It is our aim to keep updating our inventory to add the best possible smartphone accessories for our users. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: customer satisfaction. Okra Products looks to sell great quality smartphone accessories at equally great prices. There may be many, countless smartphone accessories out there but we select nothing but the best to bring them to you. Each and every product is sure to prove to be resourceful and of great quality.

Browse around for all your smartphone accessory needs – also make sure to check out our car accessory range, it is spectacular! Who says you cannot get the best smart phone accessories without spending a lot? We prove them wrong.

For any queries, suggestions, feedbacks, or problems, make sure to contact us using the information provided under the Contact Us section, we would love to hear from you and be able to assist you in any way possible!